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Gohan Strategy

Gohan is a Brand Consultancy providing professional Branding, Strategy and Identity Design services. When most people hear “branding”, design is the first thing that comes to mind - that design deliverables are the primary output of the branding process. In truth, while everybody loves a great design, Gohan’s excellence lies in the alignment and clarification skills that Founders and CEOs frequently struggle with, bringing clarity to the process of building and launching new companies and brands. We help business leaders understand the obstructions that prevent them from building their company into an impactful brand. Frequently, addressing these issues requires strategy workshops, which are Gohan’s cornerstone service for Brand Strategy, detecting brand and growth obstacles that obstruct company growth and expansion of the customer base.

Our Founders

Yohji Alexander Kanki Brand Consultant Identity Designer

Yohji Alexander Kanki

CDO / Co-Founder

Yohji Alexander Kanki is a Brand Consultant with over 10 years of design and brand consulting experience. Yohji’s professional journey and unique skill set evolved from his early passion and talent for graphic design. He realized early on that this inherent skill set would be greatly enhanced with self education on the strategic side of the brand building process. Using foundational digital strategy workshops and his versatile knowledge and experience on what a company needs to become an impactful brand, Yohji has created brands in over 20 countries. In 2017 Yohji co-founded Gohan , a strategic brand consulting agency. He has learned a lot and enhanced his brand building insights from Gohan’s broad range of clientele and uses this knowledge and experience to consult, lead and design for top firms around the globe. Yohji chose the path of brand strategy because this is the part of the brand building process where real change happens.

Jason Hutcheson Brand Strategist Workshopper Designer

Jason Hutcheson

CCO / Co-Founder

After working together in 2017 on a new app project, Jason and Yohji  partnered to co-found Gohan. Jason’s 15 years of experience in marketing and product management in the gaming industry and working with startups formed a unique background and skill set that combines design, software development, and management. Brand strategy is the perfect landscape for Jason’s unique talents, helping companies to align their goals and execute their visions. Jason was instrumental in developing Gohan’s approach to brand strategy, combining aspects of product development, marketing strategy, and goal alignment into collaborative workshops and helping brands create a user-friendly foundation to supercharge their growth. Jason chose brand strategy because it leverages his passion for solving business problems with creativity and design into a high-value offering that clients love!

We are...

• Consultants
• Brand Strategists
• Brand Identity Designers
• Logo Designer

• Business Oriented
• Modern
• Minimalists
• Transcendent

We are not...

• PR Agency
• Full Service Agency
• Marketing Agency
• Social Media Managers

• Event Agency
• Slow
• Complicated
• Magicians