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First Circle

First Circle Financing

Timeline: 2018 - 2019
Client: First Circle Philippines
Industry: Finance
Location: Philippines


First Circle is a Philippines financial technology company providing an easy and affordable alternative to companies that are not able to access traditional bank loans. First Circle is the leading provider of non-bank financing for small and medium sized businesses, with nearly all transactions originating on the Internet. First Circle offers various different types for loans to fun investment or working capital requirements.


The Philippines market, like many others, is swamped with grey market loan sharks and other unreliable financing opportunities. In addition to promoting well-deserved trust in the First Circle brand, we were also tasked to educate small and medium sized business owners on alternatives to bank financing, and to connect these businesses with the right financing products to meet their needs.

Services Provided

  • Digital Asset Design
  • Strategy Workshop 
  • Video & Photo shoots
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Media
  • Inbound Marketing


The most common keyword used by business owners searching the internet for financing is “Business Financing”. First Circle’s flagship offering is Invoice financing, which is available to many businesses that do not qualify for traditional bank loans and it addresses real-time financing requirements to help customers grow their brands. Educating potential customers about how to search was critical to help them save time and find the right match.


Two months of keyword research and outreach to potential customers and leads indicated a total mismatch between commonly used search terms and First Circle’s promotional vocabulary. We needed to re-engineer our writing approach to capture the search results and re-educate the target audience.


We initiated a strategic visual and marketing concept to educate target audiences about alternative financing options and their purposes, enabling decision makers to make better decisions and steering them toward First Circle’s superior offerings.


During the 12 months tenure of Gohan’s engagement, First Circle doubled their team size and grew traffic significantly on all social channels and the First Circle website. We reached lead goals for the year and had amazing digital feedback via our client summary video series.

Thank you.