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Fiber Infrastructure Network Services Inc.

Timeline: 2021
Client: Asticom Technology Inc.
Industry: Telecommunications & Infrastructure
Location: Manila, Philippines


Technology is changing our world rapidly. For most companies, staying ahead of the curve can be overwhelming. FINSI helps customers create simple, effective, value-added technology solutions. FINSI’s local experts are dedicated to looking beyond “off the shelf” solutions likely to be obsolete in the near future; focusing instead on creating innovative solutions specifically tailored for each business.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "We are very happy with our new identity and looking forward to see the brand grow and develop!"
- Mharicar Castillo-Reyes / President and CEO of Asticom Technology Inc.


Gohan was approached by Asticom Technology Inc, to help create their vision for transforming the Philippines’ Telecommunications and Technology industry in the form of a new engineering services company to help telcos accelerate fiber rollout. We ran multiple strategy workshops with the tech, sales, marketing and leadership team. The result is FINSI, a truly visionary brand that is also the Philippines optimal path to better internet and accelerated economic growth.

Services Provided

  • Market Research 
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design Team Training 
  • Corporate Decks
  • Tagline
  • Corporate Assets
  • Vehicle Designs


After several days of  learning about last mile solutions, FTKs, OSP builds, and other core industry concepts, the primary challenge was to unify technological expertise and external messaging. It was a thoughtful and deliberate balancing act to deliver a clear message of the benefits, while still promoting expert knowledge and industry skills.


By combining existing market research with our own research and insight, we discovered that most telecom companies are owned by conglomerates that limit efforts to build a brand. The real opportunity here was to narrow the focus with custom solutions, enabling a handful of key clients to build something better.


We agreed on key principles of combining technology, nation building and a “Leading Edge Local” innovation mantra, which became FINSI’s tagline and vision. That said, we created a simple identity that represents connectivity in the form of a “pulse”. Line icons and clean typefaces fuse innovation and a corporate B2B professional ethos to complete an exemplary look and feel for the brand.


FINSI recently launched in October 2021. With Gohan’s advisory assistance and customized brand assets, they have already acquired contracts with top global Telco industry companies and several local deals. We are super excited to see the FINSI service trucks start rolling soon throughout the Philippines.

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