Logo & Identity, Digital Strategy & Kickstarter Campaign

Eugen Wegner Watches

Eugen Wegner Watches

Timeline: 2018 - Ongoing
Client: DCWEW GmbH
Industry: Luxury Goods / Watches
Location: Germany


The revival of a watch brand with 123 years of history. A Great-great-great son with a mission to make his  ancestors very proud. Relaunching a respected, but dormant brand of luxury men's watches made in Germany.


Our branding and marketing strategy for this crucial first launch was targeted towards watch lovers and enthusiasts. Aiming to provide proof of the investment value and the quality of the watches themselves, we focused the messaging on craftsmanship, design and branding that sets the Eugen Wegner brand apart from the competition.

Services Provided

  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Social Media Management 
  • Watch Box Design 
  • Expo Asset Design
  • Strategy Workshop 
  • Launch Design 
  • Kickstarter Campaign
  • Social Media Design
  • Print Design


The luxury watch market is highly competitive. Our challenge was to highlight the unique brand aspect that can’t be bought - 123 years of family watchmaking history. Since nobody buys watches based only on the background, the visuals and messaging needed to modernize the brand while respecting the Eugen Wegner heritage.


Our research showed that boutique luxury watch brands are mostly purchased by watch enthusiasts as collectors pieces or investments. Entry level luxury watches are also challenging to introduce, since the public mostly only recognizes established brands like Rolex and Breitling etc.


Our brand and marketing strategy for this crucial first launch was targeted at watch lovers and enthusiasts to proof the value and product itself, so we could work together with our audience to prove the meticulous craftsmanship and design built into every Eugen Wegner watch.


Eugen Wegner was successfully 100% funded on Kickstarter, reaching 250K USD in just 29 days! More investors have now joined and preparations are in place for further expansions of the Eugen Wegner brand in 2021.

Thank you.