Logo & Brand Identity Design & Asset Design

Epoch Property Partners

Epoch Property Partners

Timeline: 2017 - 2019
Client: Epoch Property Partners
Industry: Finance


Epoch is an alpha generating investment firm. Its directors all have decades of senior level experience in fund management, fund administration, capital markets and real estate industries, having evaluated and conducted due diligence on over 1,000 portfolio managers.


To reflect the diversity of the Epoch Partners portfolio, Gohan was tasked to strike a balance between traditional investment banking visuals and designing a fresh new look. To attract clients worldwide, the look and feel of the brand visuals had to be highly flexible.

Services Provided

  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Watch Box Design 
  • Asset Design
  • Strategy Workshop 
  • Investment Presentations


With text heavy demands for Directors’ Bios and other critical information, we needed an identity system that is easily consumable without overwhelming prospective investors. Creating a fresh look for a finance-oriented corporate brand, with vast sums of investment money at stake, may carry a real risk of losing legitimacy and clients.


Studying direct and indirect competitive investment firms of various sizes provided the realization that most of them have not prioritized strong brand alignment. Many were unable to find the middle ground between including  all useful information and creating a user friendly brand identity that appeals to a broader target audience of investors.


We selected an out-of-the-box color palette that is usually more B2C oriented and combined it with traditional typography to preserve the look and feel of financial reporting. Combined with some youthful imagery, we were able to create bright new brand visuals with more traditional fundamental structures.


Epoch Partners has since added dozens of new clients worldwide while expanding their portfolio investment choices, featuring risk/return profiles that appeal to a more modern class of investors. This was accomplished by allocating less to mainstream (alternative) or lower liquidity assets, all reflected by and consistent with their new brand.

Thank you.