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Better Everyday!


Timeline: 2021-2022
Client: Asticom Technology Inc.
Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain
Location: Manila, Philippines


BRAD is the only Philippines tech enabled provider of logistics solutions, creating impactful supply chain technology solutions for their clients of any size. BRAD’s “best in class” services empower clients to focus on their specialties, knowing their customers are receiving an amazing experience, unmatched in the logistics industry. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Gohan Strategy worked above and beyond to understand the company and their needs. As a result, the client was able to launch their brand to the public within the plan..."
- Karen Bautista / Business Development & Marketing, of Asticom Technology Inc.


Gohan was approached by Asticom Technologies Inc. to strategize the right entry plan for entering into the rapidly growing and highly competitive logistics industry. Since the boom of online retail, the pandemic and other factors, the logistics industry has boomed across Asia, with many new competitors providing shipping and delivery services. Given this situation, Gohan developed a market entry strategy and aligned the vision for the internal team, building an outstanding and memorable brand identity in the process.

Services Provided

  • Market Research 
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design Team Training
  • Identity Design 
  • Corporate Decks
  • Tagline Research
  • Corporate Assets
  • Vehicle Designs
  • Brand Manual


Analyzing data from local and international competitors revealed a logistics market with many competing solutions for shipping and delivery services. The big challenge was to publicize the clear differentiators that make BRAD solutions superior. To accomplish this, we created the BRAD story to make the advantages clear to end consumers and corporate clients.


Analysis of the competitive data revealed two major weaknesses in the Philippines logistics industry. Firstly, coverage in provincial areas is erratic, inconsistent, and unreliable. Secondly, tracking technology that helps end user customers track and control their goods lacks transparency and lags significantly behind tracking solution technologies in other markets.   


The “better everyday” phrase resonated with the entire BRAD team during the strategy workshops. Constant improvement is the key for BRAD’s growth and a natural match with the vision to provide every company in the Philippines the right logistics solutions to grow their business. Connecting these core values with powerful new technologies is a winning recipe for success.


BRAD has now launched its operations as of December 2021, focused on building the initial pool of key clients and partnerships. While still too early to report the impact of the BRAD brand, we have already achieved key corporate deals and are extremely excited to see the first BRAD delivery vehicles rolling through the streets!

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