APYNA Mall & Shopping Experiences


APYNA Mall & Shopping Experiences


APYNA Mall is an identity design and visual representation model for an ultra high end mall and shopping facility. With a modern state-of-the-art approach to design and positioning, we strive to inspire and influence brand building that reaches contemporary consumers, specifically in the entertainment and real estate industries.

Ideation & Background

Reflecting on high end shopping, tourism and iconic destinations like Dubai, New York and Berlin, our goal was to take the “all in one” luxury experience to the next level and create the ultimate experience that you will never want to leave if you enjoy the exclusivity of the #pointonepercent lifestyle.

What we did:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Asset Design
  • Color / Pattern /Type
  • Mockup Design
  • Animation


Using a predominantly black color palette fused with a minimalist style, we sought to eliminate the visual design “noise” and disruptive style employed by many brands in an effort to force their message into our lives. We believe that skillfully applied simplicity, when dosed correctly in the right environment, is more powerful for reaching certain target audiences more effectively.

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